Big Lots! fails with POS systems but Liquidation World don’t

I was at Big Lots, and I walked up to the register because the rest of my family was gonna leave.

The POS failed!

Upon scanning a DVD, the POS and Windows FAILS!

When I got there, which was after the fail, it was on the screen without the window that is shown when you’re logging on with Windows XP Pro

Then, my dad attempts to blame my mom for ‘scanning her card too early’.

But everyone knows that it’s Microsuck’s fault.

Liquidation World doesn’t though, their POS systems run a Red Hat derivative. See how smart some people are finally becoming.

LG Chocolate from Verizon Reviewed

I got my LG Chocolate on Saturday by FedEx.

Since then, I have only added music and copied some videos to it.

On to the actual review.

It’s somewhat less locked down then the RAZR in a couple ways:

  • No requirement of Windows Media Player to add songs.
  • Ability to add videos.
  • Ability to send pictures over Bluetooth

But it’s also a bit more locked down in one way:

To change the proxy you MUST edit a hex file.

I think that is REALLY REALLY annoying.

Also, we switched to WordPress’s widget system, instead of K2’s because K2’s was all f’d up.

New forums, buggy WordPress, fixed Trac, and a whole lot more!

I installed some new forums which are powered by forum software called bbPress. They are integrated with the blog meaning that if you login here, you’re logged in there. Also, you can login there with your login for our blog.

On a lower note, our WordPress has a problem. Look at the bottom of this page. There’s a nasty PHP warning. I am upset with it too. I’ll just keep on doing svn up until it fixes itself.

On a higher note, our Trac is fixed. It also moved to /trac instead of /cgi-bin/trac. It also is running 0.12dev. 


UPDATE: WordPress was fixed. Wasn’t that fast?

A command-line MP3 player

I’ve been looking for a command line MP3 player. Now i’ve found one that compiles on OS X Leopard.

mp3blaster works great. My build only does mp3 / wav, but when compiled on a different machine it can also play ogg and sid.

I am satisfied with mp3blaster’s performance. It runs nicely and can also use SDL for audio (a very good thing in my case).

Summer is almost here!

Summer is almost here, and summer is an excellent time to work on coding projects.

I have a project that was just kickstarted into actual development.

ScriptBot was originally by AMcBain, and was pushed into our subversion repository, and development started.

If you feel that you could help this project, catch me in #bots.

My review of the Infiniti 95mW

Note: I should have pictures soon.

This thing is about 20 times as powerful as the cheap $1 laser you would buy in a store, and it is 532nm ( green) so it is much more visible than a red pointer.
Here’s the features: (* means it is advertised to do this, but I haven’t gotten around to trying this, and in some cases, don’t have something to try it on.)

  • Beam is visible in a medium-light room.
  • Stings bare skin. *
  • Makes rubber smoke and leaves the rubber scorched.
  • Lights matches. *
  • Goes for miles. *
  • Pops balloons. *
  • Etches plastic. (with lenses)
  • Looks damn cool!

More to come later