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cPanel is bad.

Not only did cPanel take forever to “install” it also didn’t completely install.

It also messed with all sorts of files. Including the yum configuration file.

Now I’m trying to sort out at least Apache.

In short, don’t EVER try to use cPanel. EVER.

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Fedora 12 Constantine

Yes, Fedora 12, Constantine has been released.  This release is focused on reinforcing stability, as well as making the desktop easier for new users. I’m hosting a release party on IRC, #Main on

You can read the new features in Fedora 12 on this wiki page:


Class curves? Get rid of them!

I don’t know about you, but in our school, if everyone does bad, the grades of everyone are adjusted. I can understand that the teachers want students to do better in school, but this is NOT the way to do it.

Class curves are intended to raise students’ grades above the fail line. Many students see this as a way of slacking off. We’re not talking about just one student slacking off, we’re talking about hundreds of students failing the class and hoping for a bailout from students. Class curves inspire students to slack off, not do better in school. Here’s why:

The moment that students hear that the class has a curve, many of them are inspired to slack off. They know that, even if they do bad, their grades will automatically improve by a few percent and not look as bad. Everyone starts failing, and then the teacher doesn’t want students to fail, so a curve is introduced to bump up everyone’s grades.

I like to compare this with lowering the standard. Allowing students with a D average to pass. Admitting students with a 2.0 GPA to get in college. We’re lowering the standard by arbitrarily raising everyone’s grades. Get rid of this!


What I think of the new theme


It takes less time to load, it looks much cleaner, there’s less CSS, that floating bar is gone, and the look is more coherent.

Trust me, I’m picky with themes, but this one is pretty damn good.