What I think of the new theme


It takes less time to load, it looks much cleaner, there’s less CSS, that floating bar is gone, and the look is more coherent.

Trust me, I’m picky with themes, but this one is pretty damn good.


Working on the WicketPixie WordPress theme

As you very well may know, I have put the WicketPixie WordPress theme into Assembla (with Chris’ approval). That’s why OKS Blog has had problems. But i have restored to a working version and I put it in the Assembla SVN. I am planning on making a “test bed” that runs the latest version of WicketPixie, which should be easy to maintain because Assembla has a feature where it will do a GET request of any URL when a commit to the Subversion repository is performed. But I will have to secure the page to prevent other people from updating it unnecessarily.


New theme

I managed to install the wicketpixie theme from Chris Pirillo (link is on the bottom of the page).

Anyways, let me know if you guys like this theme (add a comment) and we’ll decide if we should keep it.

UPDATE: We switched back to K2. Scrolling takes forever.

UPDATE: We switched to WicketPixie again. The scrolling problem is being fixed.