Sometimes a post appears

Oh look. A post.

So, I got an Arduino Mega 2560 for Christmas, and recently I bought a Raspberry Pi. My Raspberry Pi was of the new ones built in Wales.

I don’t have any pictures of either, but I’ve done a few interesting/fun things with my Arduino Mega 2560. I’ve read SNES and N64 controllers’ statuses, and it’s really cool.

I haven’t done any of the electronics stuff with my Raspberry Pi (using the IO pins), but I’ve used it for like XBMC, and a bit of programming. I’d like to try out RiscOS, but I don’t have a large SD card I can use for flashing OS’ for the Raspberry Pi.

So, that’s all for now I guess..

A Post? What?!

Well, it’s been far too long since I’ve posted here. I just changed the theme here, and enabled some snow, for the fun of it.

Things have been kind of slow for me in life, but I’m doing well. I’ve had friends over the past few days which has been quite fun. This Christmas I’m getting an Arduino Mega 2560, and I might publish the fun things I end up doing with that here.

I hope everyone has a great winter break, and hopefully you’ll get to see some snow (in person)!