My fun programming projects

Since I last posted on here, I have actually worked on a few different projects just for fun. I figured I might share a few here.

The first is along the same lines of my Stargate Episode Randomizer, it is a 24/7 Stargate stream, that plays through all Stargate episodes randomly. Backing this up is also a page for viewing it in a web browser that also features a chat piggybacking off my IRC network, a page for viewing it on a Chromecast, a system for “stream titles”, originally created for the 24/7 Stargate stream to display what episode is playing, and as of just last night, a way to embed the stream. This system can also of course be used for streams of any kind, as a sort of self-hosted Twitch alternative. It works out quite well, although the latency from streaming to the server to someone viewing is rather high.

The next is a long running project that isn’t my own, I’ve been working with a friend of mine. The project in question is Gochan, which is imageboard software, written in Google’s Go. It is mostly working, however there is more that should be done. I recently added Akismet integration due to spam that was being posted on the demo installation.

I’ve also done a little work on an IRC bot written in Rust, to try to improve my skills with lower level languages.

I think that’s really all I have to share for now.

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