Opinion: Obama or McCain?

Everyone here is voting Obama!

It seems that everyone in my school is voting for Barack Obama. Here’s some of the things that have been going around that relate to this presidential election.

  • A kid held up a sign saying “OBAMA BIDEN 2008”
  • Another kid held up a sign saying “MCCAIN PALIN 2008”. Gross.
  • My friend by the name of Tyrone said that McCain would die in office and Palin would take over
  • There has been much discussion about the election. All of my friends are voting for Obama

Please remember that Election Day is November 4th this year. If you are registered, don’t forget to vote!

And vote for Obama if you don’t want a president to get Alzheimer’s in office.

Change for the better.

Peace out,

Geoffrey Liu


People are beginning to wear their campaign shirts and signs, I’ve seen equal numbers of both. After school, there was this huge crowd with Obama and McCain supporters all arguing about how good each of their candidates are. I have never seen anything like that.

According to CNN, Obama has won the presidential election. Good thing otherwise our country would get a lower average IQ (John McCain does not promote science) and McCain would have a heart attack if he jumped up and down because he won.

Notebook Software 10: A piece of crap?

The new version of Notebook Software, Notebook Software 10 is out. And it sucks as much as Windows Vista when it came out. Or maybe more.

For those of you who do not know what Notebook Software is, I will give you a quick summary:

Notebook Software is software that enables you to use a board, called a Smart Board, to click on objects on your screen. The Smart Board also allows you to use digital pens to draw in programs like Smart Notebook and right on the screen. It’s sort of like a touch pad.

I was trying Notebook Software 10 out today. Here is a short summary of how much it sucks:

  • In 1st period French class, I saw the transparency layer of the new Notebook Software. It was frickin crap bloated like hell. The frame looks heavy, and it’s VERY hard to use
  • At lunch in the library, I was testing out Smart Notebook. I drew a freeform shape and tried to fill it with color. But guess what? The damn software wouldn’t let me fill it in.
  • The splash screen for Notebook Software reflects on how bloated the software is. Sure, looks modern but is nothing but a load of bull.

After that experience, I wish that my school hadn’t updated to the new and crappier software. It’s so freaking bad, it makes MS Office seem good.

Like heavenly good.

Peace out,


PS: All school related posts will be filed under the tag “Kentridge” from now on as well as any other applicable tags.

Drinking Coke with Hot Tamales?

Would someone really drink Coke with Hot Tamales? At my school, yes!

I am here to report something that happened at my lunch table.

Apparently, this one kid by the name of Eric put about twenty hot tamales into a full can of soda. Then, another guy, Ethan, took a sip of it and he could barely stand the spiciness. Then, another kid by the name of Tyrone took the can of soda and chugged it down like he hadn’t drunk in four days. His reaction wasn’t that bad, considering that Ethan had a flush-red face after just sipping a little bit.

I am Deathgleaner, and will report any future things that happen at my school.

Peace out,


Opinion: Mac vs. Windows

A war at my high school is raging about Windows being better than a Mac

Hello, I’m here to report something that has been going around my lunch table.

Apparently, a few Winblows lovers are arguing that WinBLOWS is better than the Mac OS. I strongly disagree with them however. But, this one kid who’s my friend has a bunch of reasons why a Windows is better. All these reasons seem very controversial to what I’ve heard:

  • “Windows Vista has better security…I once hacked my parents’ Mac. It was so easy to hack their Mac.”
  • There are no admin privileges on Macs
  • There’s better software for Windows

Only my other friend, who has a MacBook, and I know the REAL truth: Macs are better than winblows.

11-13-08 UPDATE: From my user talk page on Wikipedia-

At a recent forum, Ubuntu, Mac, and Vista were all put to the test of some of the worlds more skilled hackers to find a way into a up-to-date system. The mac box lasted a little over 10 minutes. The windows box hadn’t been cracked by the time the exercise was over.

Macs are pretty, like flowers. Windows is functional, like a set of cutters. Treat the cutters poorly, and they’ll rust and go blunt. Treat them well, and they’ll cut the head off your flowers any day. Doesn’t matter how you treat the flowers though, they’re gonna die eventually

That was quite surprising. Please see my user talk…

TextMate as a Blogging tool

Apparently, I can use TextMate for blogging. It works out pretty good, although for you weaklings who need WYSIWYG, not so good. But since I have a good enough understanding of HTML, I can use it. in fact, TextMate is what I’m using to write this very blog post. and possibly others.

In other news, OKSW is now closed up so you don’t see the horrendous PHP error that was there. So, read my page explaining the problem.

This about wraps up this post.

Welcome Back K2!

Wicketpixie’s reign on my blog is over. It has been a pain to adjust, so I gave it up. As you can see, K2 is back. But I changed one thing. Yes, I included the status box into K2. So easy, you wish it was harder. So now I can hack on K2 to make it variable width because fixed width is bad when you have a massive widescreen monitor. You don’t get to USE all that space. Well when I’m done, you WILL be able to USE that space!