food school

An exciting week: pie eating contest, 3 plates of pasta in a sitting

This has been an exciting week. I’m going to begin at the first big thing.

On Tuesday, I won a pie eating contest supported by the ASB. The pie was lemon (bleh!), but I still won! Hopefully I can get a video up (if people who videoed me in the contest cooperate) so until then, just believe me. Oh and I was still hungry.

On Thursday at dinner, I shoveled ~ 3 plates of pasta into my stomach. After that, I was still hungry. Take that! I did feel my stomach stretch out to make room for the food.

So anywho, it has been an exciting eating week.


French joke straight from French class

This one is SO funny!

Game show host: “What is the capital of France?”

Contestant: “F”

After all, F is the only capital letter in France.

I will try to keep updated on anything that happens around my high school.