Spamming Tactic: Exploiting Search Engines

It’s nothing new, but I see it happening right now. Spammers are searching for “leave a comment” on Google, and using those results to feed into spam bots that go and do the work. Google, please stop letting spammers search for “leave a comment”. Just block that string from being searched, as it won’t ever affect an actual user. Nobody would just be searching for “leave a comment” and not have  malicious intentions.

Software doesn’t have insight like this, and that’s why programmers must remain in the business. To help the software learn.

Sunny weather!

Guess what Seattlites, we’ve got temperatures in the SEVENTIES! Great time to go outside and cook a barbeque. As for me, I wish I could be outside. In fact, I’m going for a bike ride after finishing this post.

Look at this beautiful picture:

…and this video feed (refresh the page):

Well there we go. Nothing else to say about the sunny weather other than it’s rarity in Seattle. Have fun!


So after a good weekend of playing Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta, I’ve been getting fairly good at the Armor Lock armor ability.

Chances if you’re reading this, you’ve played with me on the Reach MP beta. As always known, my gamertag is onekopaka, as shown on the Gamer Cards page. If you want to be a friend of me, don’t be annoying.

I’ll see you out in Matchmaking.