National Day of Silence speaks out in the wrong way, ineffective

Today, at my school, and thousands of other schools around the nation, students participated in a Day of Silence. It is a silent protest to bring to light “anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in their schools.”However, silence is an ineffective tool against discrimination. Continue reading “National Day of Silence speaks out in the wrong way, ineffective”

Turbo Conspiracy Wearies

If you haven’t noticed, the Rooster Teeth site’s navbar randomly will display secret messages.

I saw this and within half an hour dug up the JavaScript that makes it happen.

I’ve posted it on my pastebin here.

So the JavaScript originally had a lot of escaped text, which I unescaped for readability.

The messages in my copy are plaintext now.

Discuss what you think things mean in the comments.

One suggestion I heard is that Tex is saying these things, similar to the I Love Bees viral campaign.