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A post? They have those on blogs?

I load the front page of my blog nearly every day. I just can’t seem to create a post that has enough value that it’s worth posting at all. However, now I will.

That aside, I have been looking at CloudFlare, and I’ve implemented it in some areas. WordPress is locked to a domain, so this blog isn’t behind CloudFlare. Most sections of can be viewed behind CloudFlare by replacing with

What CloudFlare does for you is that it caches static resources like CSS, Javascript, and images, closer to you, resulting in faster load of images and styles. Especially on the image board, and the zoomable Minecraft map render this can be advantageous.

I have also added Google’s +1 button to post pages, as well as the home page, and moved the Tweet button with it to below the post content.

In related news I got into Google+, which is pretty exciting. You may ask me for an invite, but I cannot guarantee that you will be allowed to join.


Twitter spammers, again.

Yep. Spammers. Relentless. Annoying.

I hate them. You probably do too.

They post random, meaningless crap like “I has ur solutoin to ur prolem. Get Iflackeg today!”

What they want you to get is spyware. Nothing good for you.

I just wanted to rerant about this. I last posted about this here.

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Happy 4th of July!

It’s the 4th of July, a holiday celebrated for the independence of The United States of America. Lets go over what all the authors at OKS Blog are doing:

So have a safe & fun holiday, from all of us here at OKS Blog!

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It’s the 85th post

Here at OKS Blog, we’ve come a long way. We’ve faced downtime, but we prevail. I want you all to know how great you are and how important you are to me.

I’m very fortunate to have the number of visitors I have, and I’m fortunate to have the enthusiastic authors here as my friends.

It’s been a long time coming, and one more comment will be the 100th comment.

I am happy to continue administering OKS Blog, and we will continue to flourish for years to come!


Darren VanBuren

Administrator of Onekopakaspace

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WordTwit had to be reconfigured..

If you were wondering why posts weren’t showing up at @oksblog, after I upgraded WordTwit, I had to reconfigure. This problem is now fixed, and this post is testing WordTwit.

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We have a twitter account!

Onekopakaspace Blog now has its own twitter account for it to tweet to. Isn’t that cool? It’s @oksblog for you to follow.