Kindle Fire Somewhat Review

So, I bought myself a Kindle Fire from Amazon.

Quite simply put, I quite enjoy the tablet. It’s just the right size, and isn’t skimpy on computation power.

I haven’t done a fair comparison of having accelerated browsing on vs off however, but I did notice that it does not like CloudFlare’s IPv6, but then again, most things don’t.

In general, it is a nice tablet with good battery life.

My only complaints are that it doesn’t include all the Google stuff, and there’s no 24-hour clock option.

So while this is just a quick review, feel free to ask questions in the comments, and I will answer.

(This is so short because I did it on my Kindle Fire.)

the iPhone 4 is something!

I was in the Apple Store when I decided to try out the iphone 4. After all, what else is there to do in the apple store? Yes, I know there’s a lot, especially for those of you who take a million pictures of yourselves on the iMac cameras ( you know who you are. )

Anyways, the iPhone 4 immediately caught my attention. At first glance I did not believe my eyes. It was something! And something quite a world apart from the previous iPhone model. The first things I noticed were-

  • its glossy oleophobic screen (which I tested)
  • the awesome new rounded rectangular body
  • the complementing metal siding and buttons
  • the retina display

Just to test Apple’s claims about the magic oleophobic screen, I smudged my fingerprints all over the iPhone (something I would never do on my phone) then I wiped it against my shirt. BAM. Fingerprints gone. No streak marks. That was something.

It felt so nice to hold. Maybe because it wasn’t in such a weird shape like the previous iPhone model.

Then came the controversial retina display. I put my eyes as close to the iPhone as I could without risking them falling into my eye sockets. Sure enough Apple’s claims were right… Again. I could not distinguish the individual pixels. One color merged seamlessly into the other. Lines and text were crisp and sharp. I was blown away again.

it doesn’t stop there though. The touchscreen felt renewed under the glass surface of the iPhone. the iPhone worked seamlessly, no jumps or breaks. The touch functionality was effortless. Its five megapixel camera was stunning, but of course will not replace a regular camera.

Yes, the iPhone 4 is Amazing beyond belief but there are some things I would like to point out. The multitasking involves going from one application through the home screen to get to another app, instead of simply jumping from app to app (maybe its something I missed…) The other funny thing is that you can see the individual pixels quite clearly in apps not built for the retina display. Also, I don’t know if this is just me, but does the iPhone lose its wifi signal when you hold it in a certain fashion?

I didn’t try calling anyone so I can’t day anything about its antenna issues.

On the plus side the iPhone 4 supports tethering (F*CK YEA.) and customizable backgrounds.

would I get it?

if I wasn’t going to call anybody, antenna issues aside… YES! It is absolutely amazing. Great for business. Great for the casual. Great gift. I don’t know about communication via phone, but it seems like even phone calls are getting old fashioned.

For $300, this is major bang for your buck. but make sure you try before you buy.

P.s. I did not try the FaceTime feature and I can’t figure out how to download apps from the app store.

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Everything’s made out of matter… right?

The office chair or the iPhone you’re touching right now is made of matter. So is the air around you, and the keyboard and mouse you’re using to view this blog. No one doubts that everyday items all around you are made up of building blocks called atoms.

But there’s still one type of “matter” that perplexes me, and I’m not even sure if it can be classified as “matter.” This blog is made out of data. Before we go on though, let’s make sure we have this concept clear. It’s the data we’re talking about; not the data storage device, be it a flash drive or a hard drive; nor the type of machine you’re using to view the data, be it a mobile phone or a monitor.

1s and 0s are all that make up this blog. Matter takes space, but data doesn’t. Matter has mass, but data does not. A hard drive with 1 terabyte of free space will not weigh less (or more) than the exact same hard drive with no free space remaining. Yet, the hard drive that is completely occupied with data weighs no more than an empty hard drive, and still can store thousands of photos, videos, and applications. A photo album with no photos in it will weigh less than a photo album with a thousand photos in it. Yet with a hard drive, more photos does not equal more weight.

So here’s the question- is data matter? Are we violating Newton’s first law of thermodynamics, saying that you can’t get something out of nothing? Are we getting something out of nothing? Is this a paradox? Does this spell doom for physics? science? the world? the universe??? existence as we know it?????!!!!!!