Opinion: Obama or McCain?

Everyone here is voting Obama!

It seems that everyone in my school is voting for Barack Obama. Here’s some of the things that have been going around that relate to this presidential election.

  • A kid held up a sign saying “OBAMA BIDEN 2008”
  • Another kid held up a sign saying “MCCAIN PALIN 2008”. Gross.
  • My friend by the name of Tyrone said that McCain would die in office and Palin would take over
  • There has been much discussion about the election. All of my friends are voting for Obama

Please remember that Election Day is November 4th this year. If you are registered, don’t forget to vote!

And vote for Obama if you don’t want a president to get Alzheimer’s in office.

Change for the better.

Peace out,

Geoffrey Liu


People are beginning to wear their campaign shirts and signs, I’ve seen equal numbers of both. After school, there was this huge crowd with Obama and McCain supporters all arguing about how good each of their candidates are. I have never seen anything like that.

According to CNN, Obama has won the presidential election. Good thing otherwise our country would get a lower average IQ (John McCain does not promote science) and McCain would have a heart attack if he jumped up and down because he won.