Opera got better?

I decided to try Opera 9.6. I’ve used Opera before, quite a few times, and it always was just okay, but no worse than IE.

But now Opera 9.6 has made it better. Opera 9.6 is clearly faster. I will post more about Opera 9.6 later.

10 thoughts on “Opera got better?”

  1. I have not yet tried Opera 9.6, but as far as I am aware, Opera sucks like crap. It’s bloated, has no features, and is notoriously difficult to customize. It’s just not user-friendly.

  2. Considering that Opera has a bulit-in theme catalogue, I guess you could be right. In my opinion, I like Firefox’s customization better, altough I’d like to point out that you can search addons from the Addons window in Firefox.

    I downloaded Opera 9.6 for trial on my PPC Mac (10.4.8), and it turns out Opera gets an 85 on the acid3 test. It’s actually better than Firefox which got a 77/100.

    For me, Opera 9.6 looks no different from Opera 9.5. They probably just fixed a few bugs.

    For now, I’ll stick with my Firefox 3.0 browser. They say it has the best security.

  3. I am trying out Opera 10.0 (alpha) as I speak. It’s quite amazing that it can handle the snowflakes on this page WAY better than Firefox can. It’s also 15 to 20 percent faster.

    The thing I don’t like about Opera is that every time I scroll down to the bottom of a page, there’s a black line. There is also a black border around the search box.

    I may end up using Opera instead.

  4. You are probably right. Opera 10 actually has a few display errors as mentioned above. On Vista, the sidebar is black and you can’t see anything. Besides, Firefox 3.1 isn’t out yet as of December 22, 2008. Right now, I am using Opera 9.6 and my friend claims that “it is the fastest browser”.

  5. The latest nightly from the 1.9.1 branch (Firefox 3.1) has the version string 3.1b3pre, so expect Firefox 3.1 soon. Firefox 3.1 adds a new JIT compiler for JavaScript, and builtin support of playing Ogg/Theora and Ogg/Vorbis files. Opera lags behind a lot. The fastest browser you will find will be Safari with a nightly build of WebKit, which has SquirrelFish Extreme.

  6. That’s even more controversial to what I’ve heard. My nerd friend (no offense) says that Safari got a 20 or so on the acid3 test, a test for browser compatibility (?). I don’t think Opera’s lagging behind other browsers, though; I’ve tried it for a week and a half and it actually seems faster. The only downside is that super-advanced status bar in the address bar, which makes Opera seem slower.

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