Why Mac OS X Server can’t be taken seriously.

Mac OS X Server just can’t be taken seriously. Why?

A couple things:

  1. It can’t be run on commodity hardware, it has to be on a Mac.
  2. It can’t be virtualized.
  3. It doesn’t have server virtualization solutions designed to run on it.

To further that, Apple seems to take NO interest in virtualization. I haven’t seen one peep out of them about it. They simply sell desktop-class virtualization products in their store.

So if Apple wants to MAN UP and write some virtualization stuff, then they can be taken seriously.

I mean really. Virtualization is taking the world by storm, and Apple, the company that is supposed to be all hip and such is not participating. Every single product on the current Macintosh line supports hardware virtualization. Apple does nothing with that fact.

It’s sad. Just sad.


Excuse the remains

Please excuse the remains of idiots who looked at man.php (now removed).

I had to hard reset my mac unfortunately.

The IP responsible for this crap is most likely.


Darren VanBuren



Anybody seen the new Macbooks?

Apple dropped their price! Thats like the best thing ever! I’ve been looking for a good one to get and I am wondering if one of you would have any pointers…


Opinion: Mac vs. Windows

Hello, I’m here to report something that has been going around my lunch table.

Apparently, a few Winblows lovers are arguing that WinBLOWS is better than the Mac OS. I strongly disagree with them however. But, this one kid who’s my friend has a bunch of reasons why a Windows is better. All these reasons seem very controversial to what I’ve heard:

  • “Windows Vista has better security…I once hacked my parents’ Mac. It was so easy to hack their Mac.”
  • There are no admin privileges on Macs
  • There’s better software for Windows

Only my other friend, who has a MacBook, and I know the REAL truth: Macs are better than winblows.

11-13-08 UPDATE: From my user talk page on Wikipedia-

At a recent forum, Ubuntu, Mac, and Vista were all put to the test of some of the worlds more skilled hackers to find a way into a up-to-date system. The mac box lasted a little over 10 minutes. The windows box hadn’t been cracked by the time the exercise was over.

Macs are pretty, like flowers. Windows is functional, like a set of cutters. Treat the cutters poorly, and they’ll rust and go blunt. Treat them well, and they’ll cut the head off your flowers any day. Doesn’t matter how you treat the flowers though, they’re gonna die eventually

That was quite surprising. Please see my user talk…


MobileMe – Is it gonna be here. ever?

MobileMe from Apple, the replacement for .Mac, is failing right now. You can’t use the web apps. But you can use SMTP and IMAP from Mail. iDisk doesn’t work, Galleries work, Web Pages supposedly don’t work.

UPDATE: Web Pages DO work. Here is a sample I just published.

UPDATE 2: You can access the webapps but right now they fail.

UPDATE 3: The webapps are a bit better now, but still have issues.


A command-line MP3 player

I’ve been looking for a command line MP3 player. Now i’ve found one that compiles on OS X Leopard.

mp3blaster works great. My build only does mp3 / wav, but when compiled on a different machine it can also play ogg and sid.

I am satisfied with mp3blaster’s performance. It runs nicely and can also use SDL for audio (a very good thing in my case).


Public hosting

I am thinking about offering FREE hosting on this machine. You will get your own webspace, and mysql user, and databases will be created for you.

I will ponder over this while I sleep..



Apple doesn’t use their own software

I noticed something very funny. Take a look at this source snippet (full web page is here):

<meta name=”generator” content=”Adobe GoLive” />
<title>Your Website</title>


My first mac

I read a story about Carl Nygren’s first iMac. It inspired me to right a story about how I encountered Macs.

At Cedar River Montessori School, there where some Macs from the Classic era. They had SimCity, and that was what they were used for. That was a very long time ago, about early 2000s. They ended being stored in a barn, where I would never see them again….

Fast-forward to December 25, 2007. That was the day I got my Mac Mini. I love it. It runs programs waaaaay faster than my Crapsta laptop.

It has died once and recently came back to life. Now you’ve been SERV’D! by it. (or him. Yes, it is a him, technically speaking. see here. It’s related because the mac is on in #oksw, #mac, #bots, #classicrock, #shoutcast, and #astronomy as okswbot.)

But now this mac is your master.


Why Windows Sucks

This is why Windows sucks for developers:

A snapshot of what the Firefox Tinderbox looked like.

Look how long it takes Windows to build!

Linux could probably build 5 times in the time Windows takes to build once.

OS X could do at least 3 builds.

Update: Comments are closed on this fucking microtards.