Why Windows Sucks

This is why Windows sucks for developers:

A snapshot of what the Firefox Tinderbox looked like.

Look how long it takes Windows to build!

Linux could probably build 5 times in the time Windows takes to build once.

OS X could do at least 3 builds.

Update: Comments are closed on this fucking microtards.

2 thoughts on “Why Windows Sucks”

  1. Windows is just fine! If you treat it right, it will work for you. The only reason you think it sucks is because you have a negative attitude to it and intentionally try to make your Windows do something it can’t (something even a mac can’t do well, like open sixty applications at once).

  2. I’m not trying to open 60 apps at once. I am trying to multitask, but still only a few apps will make it slow.

    I am also appalled by your Microtard’s stance. You’re the one making strange drawings over Windows 7..

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