linux software

cPanel is bad.

Not only did cPanel take forever to “install” it also didn’t completely install.

It also messed with all sorts of files. Including the yum configuration file.

Now I’m trying to sort out at least Apache.

In short, don’t EVER try to use cPanel. EVER.


Excuse the remains

Please excuse the remains of idiots who looked at man.php (now removed).

I had to hard reset my mac unfortunately.

The IP responsible for this crap is most likely.


Darren VanBuren



.htaccess problem fixed, cleaner URLs, and a whole lot more!

I fixed my .htaccess problem (the included apache has some promblems) so now I can use the VERY pretty URLs with WordPress! and I’m working on getting my wiki to work through rewrite the same way wikipedia works.


Apache Tomcat, Nutch 0.9

I finished setting up Nutch on Tomcat. It runs great. Currently I have only indexed but I will expand. If you wish to try it go here.

UPDATE: We also have and indexed.