New forums, buggy WordPress, fixed Trac, and a whole lot more!

I installed some new forums which are powered by forum software called bbPress. They are integrated with the blog meaning that if you login here, you’re logged in there. Also, you can login there with your login for our blog.

On a lower note, our WordPress has a problem. Look at the bottom of this page. There’s a nasty PHP warning. I am upset with it too. I’ll just keep on doing svn up until it fixes itself.

On a higher note, our Trac is fixed. It also moved to /trac instead of /cgi-bin/trac. It also is running 0.12dev. 


UPDATE: WordPress was fixed. Wasn’t that fast?


Half of a quarter

Yeah. It’s me. I’d like to announce mathtex2.cgi!

Here is an example:

That has been cached so it doesn’t have to everytime that is loaded, call for latex, then dvipng.

I will be adding a math tag to the forums, which are here.

Update: The forums now are SMF which doesn’t allow custom BBCode.