Carbon Counting

If you’re curious about how much Carbon Dioxide is in our atmosphere RIGHT THIS SECOND, then there is now an online counter that was unveiled in New York today. It will provide you with a live counter of the approximate metric tons of CO2 in the atmosphere right now.

The link is:

The website wasn’t unveiled just today, but in New York, everyone gathered around a billboard that will update itself.

My review of the Infiniti 95mW

Note: I should have pictures soon.

This thing is about 20 times as powerful as the cheap $1 laser you would buy in a store, and it is 532nm ( green) so it is much more visible than a red pointer.
Here’s the features: (* means it is advertised to do this, but I haven’t gotten around to trying this, and in some cases, don’t have something to try it on.)

  • Beam is visible in a medium-light room.
  • Stings bare skin. *
  • Makes rubber smoke and leaves the rubber scorched.
  • Lights matches. *
  • Goes for miles. *
  • Pops balloons. *
  • Etches plastic. (with lenses)
  • Looks damn cool!

More to come later