Drinking Coke with Hot Tamales?

Would someone really drink Coke with Hot Tamales? At my school, yes!

I am here to report something that happened at my lunch table.

Apparently, this one kid by the name of Eric put about twenty hot tamales into a full can of soda. Then, another guy, Ethan, took a sip of it and he could barely stand the spiciness. Then, another kid by the name of Tyrone took the can of soda and chugged it down like he hadn’t drunk in four days. His reaction wasn’t that bad, considering that Ethan had a flush-red face after just sipping a little bit.

I am Deathgleaner, and will report any future things that happen at my school.

Peace out,


Opinion: Mac vs. Windows

A war at my high school is raging about Windows being better than a Mac

Hello, I’m here to report something that has been going around my lunch table.

Apparently, a few Winblows lovers are arguing that WinBLOWS is better than the Mac OS. I strongly disagree with them however. But, this one kid who’s my friend has a bunch of reasons why a Windows is better. All these reasons seem very controversial to what I’ve heard:

  • “Windows Vista has better security…I once hacked my parents’ Mac. It was so easy to hack their Mac.”
  • There are no admin privileges on Macs
  • There’s better software for Windows

Only my other friend, who has a MacBook, and I know the REAL truth: Macs are better than winblows.

11-13-08 UPDATE: From my user talk page on Wikipedia-

At a recent forum, Ubuntu, Mac, and Vista were all put to the test of some of the worlds more skilled hackers to find a way into a up-to-date system. The mac box lasted a little over 10 minutes. The windows box hadn’t been cracked by the time the exercise was over.

Macs are pretty, like flowers. Windows is functional, like a set of cutters. Treat the cutters poorly, and they’ll rust and go blunt. Treat them well, and they’ll cut the head off your flowers any day. Doesn’t matter how you treat the flowers though, they’re gonna die eventually

That was quite surprising. Please see my user talk…

Great brain teaser

I made this up. It goes like this;

Freddie is an expert bike rider, and can do all sorts of tricks and stunts, like ride his bicycle with no hands. But the one thing he can’t do is comb his hair while riding his bicycle, as he tried to do one day. Why can’t Freddie do this?

I have discovered two possible answers. You can try this brain teaser yourself!

Final Chess Championship Game: A Battle of Wits

Friday, May 29 2008: Two of the best chess players at our school battle each other in the first-ever school chess tournament for the trophy.

On Friday, May 29th, 2008 at our school in Washington, two of the best chess players faced off. Both had successfully made it through a test of skill in the first ever double-elimination chess tournament held at the school. The details of the second game of this championship battle were recorded by the author of this article.

Note: The champions’ names will remain undisclosed until further notice. We will refer to the winner of the winner’s bracket as Player 1 and the winner of the loser’s bracket as Player 2.

In the first game, Player 2 beat Player 1, and because this was Player 1’s first loss, the two had to battle each other again. This, as Player 2 would say, would be “a battle to the death”. After the game, we weren’t so sure if that final game really was.

In the opening of the second game, Player 1 was white and Player 2 was black. Player 1 opened by moving a pawn two spaces forward. Player 2 mirrored the move, so to speak. This continued with a few other moves. The knights were out, taking pawns and anything in their zigzag path. Then, Player 1 mobilizes his queen, and brings it out. Player 2 starts moving his pawns out, forming a discontinuous line of pawns. This lead to Player 2 being put in check by the opponent’s queen. By this time, both players have most of their pawns out. Player 2 sets up a queen-for-queen trade, quite a risky move. All of a sudden out of nowhere, Player 1 realizes he has a pawn at the other end of the board and promotes that pawn to a second queen. Despite the unexpected pawn promotion, Player 1 keeps walking his pawns. By this time, all of Player 2’s pieces are huddled in a corner (except for an out lier pawn), while Player 1’s pieces cover the whole board. The game suddenly ends when Player 1 puts Player 2 in checkmate with two queens and a bishop. There wasn’t even much of an endgame.