The PT Cruiser is dead!

Yesterday, Chrysler had announced that they had ceased production of the PT Cruiser, or as many people like to call it, the PT Loser.

The PT Cruiser was rather popular at its launch, however has steadily declined. The PT Cruiser is hated for a great many problems, such as its gas mileage.

The PT Loser is classified as a “subcompact” car, however, gets worse gas mileage than a full size car. One of the reasons you would ever buy a subcompact car is to get better gas mileage. Seriously, Chrysler should not have let the PT Loser be so inefficient for its size.

Another important point is that the PT Loser is an unsafe vehicle, especially the convertible. In the convertible, there is a single bar across the vehicle (above the passengers), that if removed, the car would not be able to hold itself together. Talk about poor design.

So let us rejoice that this horrible vehicle is no longer being spewed out to terrorize the world.

2 thoughts on “The PT Cruiser is dead!”

  1. There was a story about a PT Cruiser recall that I heard on the radio. This was several years ago, but rental company Enterprise rented these two teenage girls a recalled PT cruiser. It had been recalled because of engine problems (?). So as the girls were driving along a highway, the engine problems became reality. What happened was that the engine caught on fire. The two girls inside freaked out so the girl who was the driver tried to swerve into the far left lane. They hit a semi truck and the whole PT cruiser was incinerated in the blink of an eye.

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