4th of July !

No, I’m not in New York or Boston or Singapore, I’m sitting at home in bed in my home town of Seattle.

Every year our neighbors celebrate with a gigantic party of 50 adults and a swarm of children. They run more than a fireworks party. It’s a huge social hour complete with beer, toy trucks for the kids, and even an outdoor movie screen. After walking around our entire neighborhood this night, I’m pretty sure we have the largest July4 party for miles around.

Good news this year is that there were no spontaneous fires (read last year’s post and my blog post for details.)

Bad news this year is that it’s RAINY which kind of spoils the fun. NOT. The rain ain’t gonna stop our neighborhood from partying till midnight. In fact, I think the crowds are bigger this year.

I always remember the Fourth of July. It’s one of those highlights of the year that you can’t miss.

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