Bye Fedora, Hello Ubuntu

I had Fedora 9 on this Acer laptop. I was pissed off about various things like the restriction of gstreamer plugins I could install. Also, there wasn’t a way that I could find to get static DNS servers. So last night I installed Ubuntu 8.10 over Fedora 9.

I’ve had no problems so far. Installing wireless was one click. Same for flash.

So I’m going to continue setting that machine up.

This is the 60th post on OKS Blog 🙂

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Well, the only problem I have had with 8.10 was the slowness. Multiple monitors are easy to configure, wifi configuration and selection is easier, and it just feels better overall. I still prefer the hardy default background though.

So anyway, if you want to do a USB install and not have it be slow, pull up some instructions for an 8.04 persistent USB install.

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