Is “Ezbco” a word?

The answer: of course not!

Apparently, in World History class, we were doing a crossword that had to do with European Exploration and Colonization of the World. One of the questions on the cross word was:

11 (Across): Hernando Cortez conquered which Mexican tribe in 1521?

We already knew that the second letter was a “Z”, but didn’t know the answer. In fact, I didn’t even read the question. This one guy, by the name of Reggie, asked me what the answer to 11 Across was. I looked at the row and made up the word “Ezbco”. It doesn’t make sense that Hernando Cortez conquered the Ezbco tribe, but Reggie actually believed it. He even asked the teacher if the answer was “Ezbco”. At that point I broke into an uncontrollable laughter that lasted ten minutes.

Hernando Cortez conquered the Aztecs.

I made up other words for some of the crossword answers like “Macon” (Question was “Which port did Columbus sail from?”). They actually believed me a few times even though they knew they fell for the first one.

Peace out,

Ha ha!!!



I did a Google search on “Ezbco” and guess what? It searched, and our blog was the FIRST ONE on its list of results. :-O !!!

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