The flu. It’s here

People have been dropping out of school at unprecedented rates recently. At the beginning, no one could notice that the flu was already spreading at a fast rate, but as time went on, holes and gaps appeared in the classrooms and the student body looked like Swiss cheese. Already I have met many people who have been diagnosed with the swine flu.

The CDC says that the number of flu cases at this time of year matches the number of flu cases that we usually have near the peak time of year.

Even though people are taking dire precautions such as washing your hands and staying home, the flu continues to spread, probably because one student gets sick while at school, even though they don’t know it. Their latent germs get over the staircase railings, and once these germs become active, anyone who has touched that railing is infected. The spread is exponential, and young people are at more of a risk because they have not been exposed to such strains before.

My advise: wash your hands as frequently as possible. I’m not even joking. And carry around a few plastic bags in case you have to touch anything that’s swine flu infested.