I just checked my admin dashboard today and found that the post count is at 99 posts. So I decided to give the 100th post a special place.

This is the 100th post, and if none of the previous posts before this get deleted, it will stay that way.

I can’t check the full statistics, but right now, we have 100 posts , 5 pages, 13 categories, 423 tags, 113 comments and no pending or spam comments.


The heat wave is here

The forecast for Western Washington says at least 4 days in the 90F range, and we could even be setting some records this week. The official all-time high for Seattle is 100 degrees F, and some weather forecasters predict that the temperature may be as high as 104 degrees F at Sea-Tac Int’l Airport, the official weather gauge location for the Seattle area.

Yesterday, I was driving home when I saw a few menacing clouds that looked like thunder clouds. They were towards the east, so I reasoned there might be some kind of thunderstorms there. Today, I haven’t seen a cloud in the sky. It’s 85 degrees in my house, 95 outside, and not many people here have air conditioning. At least I have a fan.

So for all of you feeling this heat, drink plenty of water and don’t move around too much unless you have to (writing at OKS blog is a great way to cool off!)