Maple Valley Days 2010

Today, Maple Valley Days in 2010 wrapped up. Bear Metal, also known as The Tahoma Robotics Club, had the opportunity to participate in the parade for another year, as well as have a booth again.

This year, we brought all three of our remaining robots, Catalyst, Bearenstein, and Odyssey.

Unfortunately, during the parade, due to the fact that Odyssey uses four CIMs to drive itself, we did not complete the parade route with a running robot, as we used our two batteries we had along with us.

However, after the parade, we did see many people visit our booth, and we were able to demonstrate the robot there. We allowed anyone who wished to drive Odyssey. They were allowed to drive around our booth, as well as over the “bump” that I’ve described.

Also, this year introduces a new parade meme. During our club’s first year, there was rain at the Maple Valley Days parade, so we were unable to run that year’s robot, Epic. Instead, one member, I believe Andrew Kerr, dressed up in a cardboard robot suit. By the end of the parade, the suit was falling apart and an 8 year old kid shouted “That’s not a robot!” This year, another kid was heard saying “Why are they carrying a triangle?” in reference to the bump, which is definitely NOT a triangle. It is a trapezoidal prism.

Unfortunately, half way through Sunday, our left side bogey wheels were unable to articulate, and they have yet to be repaired.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see our booth, we’ll be back next year!

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