Despite systematic IE6 denials, Users continue to use the lame browser.

Such users are my dad, KCLS (the library system), and other people who don’t realize that IE6 sucks. It supports only the most primitive forms of JavaScript and CSS and HTML. And, as of 2009, it’s 8 years old. Sadly, I have to be tortured by this demonic browser every time I visit the web. Even IE7 is better. EVEN A ROCK WOULD GET A BETTER RATING AS A WEB BROWSER!!!

So I wish people would realize this and switch. Cause 20 years from now, no one’s gonna be talking about this (thank god). At least OKS blog still remotely works, but not as good. Images don’t show up, the font and style are all wonky, and other crap. But OKS blog is telling users in BIG LETTERS AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE to switch. Thank you OKS.

5 thoughts on “Despite systematic IE6 denials, Users continue to use the lame browser.”

  1. IE 7 is worse about rendering my blog. IE 8 does the best out of all the IE versions. IE 6 doesn’t do as terrible of a job, but still is terrible.

  2. The reason is that big corporations have no real reason to upgrade, so they stick with IE6. And besides, many people think that IE is the internet, and if you even change the look of the icon they’ll be like “NOOOOO! MY INTERNET!”

  3. Because 90% of the world’s population is idiots who have been effected by the monopolistic share of the computer software market Microsuck holds.

  4. Darren- You’re always saying something like that. I don’t get why you’re mindset is so uptight and one-sided. If Apple had a 90% market share you’d be saying the same thing.

    Matt- Most corporations are upgrading now.

  5. Most corporations are NOT upgrading. Boeing still uses IE6 (but Firefox is an option, happy face) to this day. Also, it’s not my mindset, it’s THE FUCKING TRUTH. DO I NEED TO BEAT IT INTO YOUR HEAD MORE?

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