CSS Transforms in Firefox 3.1 and first C4T3G0R1Z3D post

There’s a lot of new things in Firefox 3.1, which is set to be released sometime in the first quarter of 2009. There’s plenty of new features. So, here is one of the new features. Take a look at this box:

This is a box. A real box. The text in this box is important. But you don’t need to read it. In fact, please don’t read it. I mean, the only purpose of this text is to form the box.

Since it’s just a CSS property, we can apply it to any HTML element

Check out this image:

It is rotated 25 degrees counter clockwise.

In other news, there are now categories on OKS Blog and this is the first post to use them.

That’s my iPod showing the page, with WP touch, a plugin to make an iPod friendly blog, enabled.

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