Just another case of walmart shopperism

I was watching the news bored out of my mind when I saw a report that made me lmao, feel pessimistic, angry, and depressed at the same time. Apparently, at a Wal-Mart, a bunch of impatient shoppers stampeded the Walmart on Black Friday, and broke down the doors and trampled a worker to death. I laughed because that is just funny as hell, I was pessimistic, because … well… just look at the title. I felt depressed, because I never thought anyone could be that selfish and stupid, and angry obviously at the idiot shoppers.

More details here.

3 thoughts on “Just another case of walmart shopperism”

  1. Welcome, eggbertx. I see that this is your first post. My comment:

    I have heard reports that when the police tried to stop the crowd, it took them ten minutes. Also, other employees had to climb onto the vending machines to escape the puddle of customers.

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