Funny Video, Google Chrome (first impression)

This is one of the funniest videos ever. Most of the other videos from collegehumor are funny too.

Now, on to the Chrome part.

Google Chrome, Google’s new open source browser, only for Windows (as of this writing) looks cool.

I’m just writing about Chrome right now because I’m now actually on a Windows machine. You most likely know that I stick with OS X Leopard or Linux. But, Google hasn’t gotten those done yet. So I have to deal with *shudder* Windows to use Chrome.

Chrome is fairly fast, and has a fair amount of animation (like closing, opening and switching tabs). Also, it was fast to setup.

I plan to use Chrome on Mac anad Linux as soon as they come out.

One annoying thing is that there’s no adblocking. Google, I know you make money off those ads, but please incorporate adblocking into  Chrome for the next release.

So, that’s it for this post. You have fun browsing the Internet (or crawling for those bots) but stay safe. (Use a REAL browser to look at that pr0n)

4 thoughts on “Funny Video, Google Chrome (first impression)”

  1. Google Chrome just plain sucks. Google says that it has tons of features, but I had to dig through a bunch of crap to find it.

    Chrome makes IE6 seem good

    Like heavenly good.

  2. Furthermore, Google Chrome got a higher score then Firefox on the Acid3 test (which needs a serious reform). Mozilla’s Minefield browser got a 93 (highest score) and no one would be surprised to find out that IE7 got a 13.

    But in my opinion, Google Chrome sucks so bad it would have given IE7 a pretty dang high score.

    The only browser in hell that can make IE seem good.

  3. Remember that the whole point of the Acid3 test is to test the browser for EXACT conformation to the W3C’s standards. It needs no changing. It conforms to some of the very subtle things of the standard, those that the W3C validator will not be able to detect, and only human eyes can see. Browsers are supposed to conform exactly to those standards.

    Firefox 3 should get a 71, as that was where the progress was cut off (Firefox 3 had to ship). Firefox 3.1 is supposed to pass Acid3 (only 7 points more).

    Google Chrome, being based on WebKit, which was the first rendering engine to fully and completely pass Acid3 (including speed, but they did at one point cheat, but I don’t know if they still do) is bound to get a higher score than Firefox 3.

    The next Google Chrome release is highly likely to completely pass Acid3, after a few merges with WebKit trunk.

    So currently, the only released rendering engine to pass Acid3 is WebKit (Opera 9.6 does not pass Acid3, despite all the hype about Opera being the first, but that was a poorly hacked up version), with Gecko 1.9.1 (Firefox 3.1) not far away.

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